Left Arusha for Ngorongoro crater after about 2 hours sleep 🛏.

3.5-hour drive and then lunch 🥙 with the animals. Saw a huge Maribou stork drop in right next to us. Went on an afternoon safari in the crater. Saw so many animals in their natural habitat. Wildebeest, Zebra 🦓 , buffalo, deer, elephants 🐘, rhinos 🦏 lioness, hippos, and lots of amazing 😉 🦅.

Had a meditation 🧘‍♀️ at the hippo pool and discussed the 1st Chakra (root chakra).

Our guide told us that we were lucky to see all the animals that we did.

A major thunderstorm 🌩 occurred right after we got back to the Sopa Lodge.

In bed 🛏 at 9:30 pm. SOO tired 😴

Onto the next day.