Dragons on the Purple Moon Children’s Book: A space adventure with dragons!  The story and beautiful illustrations reveal that true character lies within.

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Santa Barbara Author, Former Aerospace
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I loved your book, such a wonderful message. I totally felt like a child again, going to the Purple Moon and back.

Jennie Price – Community Engagement Manager – Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation

What a wonderful tale, readers will enjoy the imagery of the spaceship, the spacesuits, the Purple Moon and the Dragons. The brother and sister connection is sweet and the message about not judging a book by its cover is lovely.

Holly S. – IUniverse Editor

Your book is adorable, a sweet funny story with a simple moral. As a dad of a girl who loves to read, I have seen quite a few children’s books and I can definitely say this is high-quality work.

Stephen Watson – Family and Donor Care Associate & Story time with Steve – Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation

Dragons on the Purple Moon is a beautifully written (and illustrated) story which will take all children on a magical journey. The brother and sister help and protect each other on their adventures and the Dragons are not stereotypical in their behavior. In fact the anger and protectiveness is an endearing quality which a child (or adult) can empathize with. This book would be a lovely story to share in a family. It could also be used in classroom story time in school, to stimulate interesting discussions about understanding and tolerance of others. The book could even be used for older children as an example of crafting a short story (as many children in the UK are expected to be able to do but is a difficult task for most of them). Wonderful work Peter 10/10

Pam Johnson – Retired Primary School Teacher – England

What a wonderful story Peter G Martin has written. The adventure itself gives children the ability to talk about an experience they otherwise couldn’t experience. A bit of escapism. There are lots of opportunities for parents to talk around the story with their children too. Like the excitement of bouncing in low gravity or their view of what living on Earth is like. I love the idea that the reader is left wondering whether Anna & Avi, the children in the story, did actually go to a moon far away or just let their imaginations run free in their back yard. It’s a story of kindness. Of understanding differences. Of surprises. And of course who doesn’t love a Dragon?! Its beautifully illustrated too which adds another layer to the overall story giving the reader even more of an insight into this fantastical tale. Overall for children I would hope the moral that they take away from the story is that there are no reasons why dreams can’t come true. Buy this book. Read it to your kids -or maybe they can read it to you. And smile a lot

Al Singleton– IT Project Manager – England

I think that the author has done an amazing job with his writing for children. I really like this book a lot. In my childhood I used to love fantasizing about going to space myself so definitely its an exciting subject for lots of kids. Its simple yet has interesting sentence structures. Some repetition in word usage, which draws attention and helps little folks to learn new phrases. I think it has some carefully hidden meaning between the lines as well, which will speak to grown up story readers as well as their audience. The idea of Avi & Anna bringing the golf equipment with them, haha: that’s original. Oh, and this beautiful brother-sister relationship from the start to the finish. I’m always deeply moved when i detect my kids doing a good job at showing extra care and encouraging each other. One of the thoughts i had- since i listened to it – with the purpose of analyzing every bit – how could a dragon egg be as small and round and structured as a golf ball ? But, well hey, of course it could because they were alien dragons after all!! And well done to whoever made the illustrations as well; super cute

Helen Osunbor– Teacher’s Assistant- Estonia

Really enjoyed the book. The characters are believable and the illustrations bring the story to life. The narrative is simple enough to keep the children enthralled yet the twists and turns in the plot keep adults entertained as well. Love that there is a moral message of hope about humanity that the children are able to discover for themselves. Looking forward to hearing more from this fantastic new author of children’s literature and finding out about the further adventures of Ana and Avi.

Steve & Jill Garbutt – Business Owner and retired Teacher – England

The kids really enjoyed listening to it. They said “I love the story! The pictures are really nice and colorful.” Harry thinks other boys and girls would like to listen to it at bedtime too. Elena keeps making me show her the pages with the dragons, she really likes them!

Eloise & Chris Garbutt -Mum & Dad to my Godson Harry – England

Two thumbs up from Harry (6) and Elena (3)!! Amazing to preview Dragons on the Purple Moon to my godson’s children in England. The best part was at the end of the evening when Harry said “I loved your book Pete.”