We drove to Datong airport for the flight to Xi’an. We arrived in Xi’an and then had lunch at the Hotel before a 1-hour drive to see the Terracotta Warriors. We had snacks at a Tea Room and then went to see the terracotta soldiers exhibit.

In-Pit 1 there are 6,000 Terracotta soldiers in various stages of being re-assembled. It was a breathtaking sight with the number of complete soldiers, just stunning. These were all sculptured in clay to be the exact likeness of one of the Emporers of China about 500 BC. they were built to guard his tomb which is 2 miles away and has never been opened.

We went to Pit 2 and 3 and saw 4 horses with 8-10 soldiers behind. We then walked through a museum where we saw the kneeling archer which was the only soldier that was initially found in 1 piece. All the other soldiers were smashed and the pieces left where they fell. We then walked back to the Tea Room and shared experiences to date. We then drove back to the hotel for dinner.