In the morning we went back to the monastery for morning meditation with the monks. We went back to the meditation room and the Abbott took us through a 20-minute meditation. He placed us all in specific spots and I ended up under a Sutra hanging from the ceiling. This was my second profound experience which was an amazing meditation where it felt like my hands and fingers were being pushed together and I could feel the energy flowing through and around my body in a circular motion. The Abbott was quite taken with how tall Kathryn and I were and he was very playful. He took a hard hat from a workman, gave it to me, and asked me to direct the workmen.

Then we traveled to a monastery built on the side of a cliff. It was built using narrow wooden poles hammered into holes, that were chiseled into the rock. We walked up and through the Monastery, which was quite an experience, walking on a 2-3 foot piece of wood, literally on the side of a cliff.

We then drove to Datong and went to some Grottos. These Grottos dated back to 460 AD and were built through 520 AD. For these 60 years, the Emporer used 10,000 men per day, made up of Chinese and slaves. There were a large amount of huge clay Buddhas that were sculptured with ornate carvings on the walls and roof. This reminded me of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican. We then drove to the hotel for dinner.