We awoke in the morning after a sleepless night in the cockroach-infested YMCA. We went for breakfast in a local Tibetan restaurant.

After that, we drove out to Mount Kailash where we parked the bus on the side of the road and went into a field facing the mountain. It was an incredibly clear day and the mountain looked spectacular. We had a teaching and meditation in the field and then had pictures taken at a site like a huge tent where prayer flags had been hung.

Before I got onto the bus for the journey back to the hotel I had my third profound moment of the trip. I started meditating by the side of the road facing the mountain. I found myself in a complete state of harmony and bliss. I felt like a luminescent being with white light coming from all around me. I saw images/visions of creation – stone pillars coming up out of the ground to form structures (like the special effects on a movie) all surrounded by white light. Then I experienced the death of these creations with huge fireballs from the sky destroying all the buildings. It felt like I was watching civilizations and even worlds/planets being created and destroyed.

Then the sun rose on a new day and I was floating above the ground seeing grassy plains and following rivers. I was experiencing the touch of a butterfly the sound of a bird chirping, large birds floating in the sky and I could see mountain ranges in the distance. I was then laying on the bottom of a crater looking up a the sky seeing all the clouds and feeling the air around me. I could feel and see a white light all around me and a beam of light through my body connecting me to the earth and the sky. I felt totally connected to planet Earth and I experienced emotions like joy, happiness, peace, and tranquility. I knew where I was and I could hear people talking to me however I was in such a peaceful state and just focused on being in the moment. I had no idea of time just of “being” and it felt like I was watching a movie in my own head. I was plugged into the planet and I felt only peace and harmony.

After I came out of this amazing state of stillness I felt confused, dazed, emotional, and an all-over body temporary weakness when I became disconnected from the Earth. I did not want to stop the meditation and I was aware of people yelling to me from the bus that it was time to go. However, I knew that Dawa would come for me when he was ready to go. I can remember talking to Dawa while I was still meditating and I became very emotional when I eventually stopped the meditation. I could have stayed in this altered state of peace and harmony for so much longer and I was disappointed to return to the “real world”. I believe that I was experiencing the “Third eye” and “Crown chakra” and I was awakened to a complete connection with the planet Earth and the mysteries of the Universe.

We traveled back to the “nice” hotel and had dinner and a good night’s sleep.