Drove 90 minutes from Beijing to the Great Wall of China.Β  We ascended step by step for what must have been well over 1,000 feet on different heights and widths of steps. It was good exercise as well as amazing πŸ˜‰ views of the surrounding countryside. I got as far as they would let us go, which was fortress 12 and Kathryn made it to between fortress 11 and 12. I had great fun doing a controlled run/walk descent however my quads paid for it for the next few days. I came down in less than half the time it took to go up. Took a couple of group pictures and purchased a medal πŸ… to document the event.

Drove back to Beijing and on the way back stopped at the sites that hosted the 2008 Olympics. Birds nest, Aquatics Center, and Olympic torch holder. Dinner at the Hotel.